Krios G4

ThermoFisher Titan Krios G4 transmission electron microscope, paired with Gatan’s BioContinuum Imaging Filter and a K3 direct electron detector device. The system also includes a phase plate, a second Falcon III direct electron detector device and Ceta-D CMOS camera.

MagnificationK3 Nominal pixel sizeK3 Calibrated pixel size
81 000 X1.1 Å1.0552 Å
105 000 X0.85 Å0.8238 Å
130 000 X0.67 Å0.6462 Å
165 000 X0.50 Å0.5054 Å
215 000 X0.385 Å0.3979 Å


Thermo Fisher’s Aquilos 2 Plus: A Cutting-Edge Cryo-FIB/SEM System with Integrated iFLM for Ultra-Precise Cryo-Lamella Sample Preparation for In-Situ Cryo-Electron Tomography.

Glow discharger

ELMO glow discharger for TEM grids.


Leica EM GP2 single-side blotting automated plunge freezer.

Vitrobot Mark IV

ThermoFisher Vitrobot Mark IV double-side blotting automated plunge freezer.


Leica EM ICE automated high pressure freezer.

Computational Resources

Processing server with 8 GPUs

Hot storage server with 130 TB SSD

Warm storage server with 500 TB HDD